How To Maintain Healthy Hair During The Summer


OK, so it’s been a long winter, but don’t you think it’s great to FINALLY have the sun shine through on these UK shores? The downside is with the intense heat comes potential risks for your hair. Here are a few tips to maintain healthy, hydrated hair during these glorious summer months.

Keep Hair Hydrated

Warm dry heat can dehydrate your hair, making it brittle and dry. To keep hair hydrated over the summer period, try to wash your hair at least twice a week. Remember, your hair is dry matter, just like a plant. During the summer months plants need to watered (hydrated) more frequently to avoid wilting and dying; the same applies to your hair. One way to provide your hair with the vital hydration it needs is to wash it frequently, particularly during the summer months. Washing your hair in lukewarm water during this time is best.

Condition Your Hair Weekly

Intense heat and humidity can cause hair cuticles to raise, causing hair to appear frizzy and making hair more prone to breakage. Conditioning your hair flattens hair cuticles, preventing hair from looking frazzled and breaking.


I know it can be painful to cut your hair, especially if you have been painstakingly growing it for considerable time but regular trims are essential to maintaining health locks, particularly in the warm summer months. Because warm weather can cause hair cuticles to raise, split ends are more likely, so trimming your hair every 4 – 6 weeks keeps split ends at bay and prevents hair breakage.

Avoid Hair Straighteners

Between humidity and sun damage, your hair is already parched, so try to avoid adding more heat tools into the mix.
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