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'My locs started falling out and I came across the ProTress blog on dreadlocks and hair loss. I decided stop the locs and go natural, as recommended in the blog. I used 2 ProTress treatments and my hair is completely restored, all the bald patches are gone. My hair is thick and strong. I'm really happy with the results.'



Male Pattern Baldness review

'I started losing my hair and was worried I would eventually go bald. I was so sceptical because I had tried so many products but a friend had tried ProTress and said it worked so I gave it a go. It actually worked and stopped the hair loss. My hair is thick and strong. Mt only regret is not finding ProTress sooner - because I would have more hair!'


protress hair care reviews


'I had this condition for many years and was resigned to live with it. My sister recommended this treatment. I wasn't sure but I gave it a try. I stuck with it and got positive results after 2 treatments.


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'First of all, I want to say ProTress does what is says it will do. I used two treatment packs and my hair grew as it said it would. My thinning patches are almost gone and I've got more hair overall. Great price for the results.' 


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'My edges fell out and the balding was spreading so when I found this online I decided to give it a try. I didn't even realise I had Traction Alopecia until I read the ProTress' blog. Thanks to ProTress my edges have been restored.'




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‘My hair was getting thinner an thinner, falling out whenever I combed or washed it. A friend recommended ProTress. What a relief, I’m not going bald any more. I love how it makes you scalp feel as well, such a nice sensation and so cleansing.’


'I had a beautiful head of hair but after prolonged over processing (relaxer etc) and then being placed on different medications my hair became weak, brittle and left me. Someone gave me a sample of the shampoo and lotion and the shedding stopped immediately so I bought it and this is my hair 18 months later. Thank you ProTress.'



protress hair care reviews


'The hair loss stopped. My thinning hair became thicker hair. The hair regrew on the bald patches. I would strongly recommend this product.'




protress hair care reviews


'I used to have dread locks but my hair broke off. I then suffered from bald patches around my scalp for years. I had tried various treatments at a range of clinics but nothing worked until I tried ProTress. The hair is continuing to come through on the bald patches. I'm really happy with the results my hair is a lot thicker as well. I'm going to keep using ProTress maintain the progress I've made.'




'I love that this product is so easy to use. My hair dresser washes my hair then applies the lotion to my scalp and that's it. Quick and simple. The feeling of the lotion on my scalp is amazing, I feel like I could fly to the moon when it's massaged into my scalp. My hair is thicker and looks great. my edges are restored. I would definitely recommend this product.'





'I tried a new relaxer and my hair fell out. Clumps of hair came out in the shower whenever I combed or brushed it. I found the entire experience extremely traumatic. A friend recommended I try ProTress. As soon as I washed my hair with the shampoo and lotion the hair breakage became less and less. I then decided to make the transition to natural. I now have a massive Afro - my hair grows a lot faster now.'



'Since using ProTress, my hair is stronger, thicker and healthy. ProTress keeps my relaxed hair in good condition, stops my hair from breaking and helps it to grow.'




'I shaved my hair in frustration because it was falling out. The growth was slow and my hair was very thin with bald patches so I tried the shampoo and lotion. I used it twice a week and after 6 weeks I have a full head of hair. My hair is much thicker and the thin patches are completely gone.


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