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ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion

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Male hair loss is devastating but with ProTress on your side, it doesn't have to be.

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Hair is important because it affects your confidence and how you are perceived. Take control today and change the destiny of your damaged hair.

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So many of our customers find healing and relief, gaining confidence, full of satisfaction and joy after succeeding with ProTress.


I started losing my hair and I was worried I would go bald. I was so sceptical because I had tried so many products but a friend had tried ProTress and said it worked so I gave it a go. It actually worked and stopped the hair loss. My hair is back to being thick and strong.

Gavin S

The hair loss stopped. My thinning hair became thicker hair. The hair regrew on the bald patched. I would strongly recommend this product.

Sharon C

I used to have dreadlocks but my hair broke off. I then suffered from bald patches around my scalp for years. I tried various treatments and a range of clinics but nothing worked until I tried ProTress. The hair is continuing to come through on the bald patches. I am really happy with the results, my hair is a lot thicker as well. I am going to keep using ProTress to maintain the progress I've made.

Anne P

ProTress is more than a treatment for hair loss. IT IS AN EDUCATION


Have dreadlocks and suffering from hair loss or thinning?

If you have dreadlocks and are suffering from hair loss or thinning, click here to find out why and how to prevent further hair loss.

Hair Thinning along the hair line and center of your scalp?

Female Pattern Baldness is one of the most common types of hair loss for women over the age of 40. Learn more about this condition and how to treat it, click here.

Are you experiencing thinning at your crown?

If you have afro hair and are experiencing thinning at your crown, you could have Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia. Click here to discover what this is and how to treat it.

Is you hair thinning at the temples and in the middle of your scalp?

The most common form of hair loss is for men Male Pattern Baldness, click here for advice and treatment. If you are experiencing the afore-mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid permanent hair loss.

Is hair fall rapid, leaving circular bald patches around the scalp?

Alopecia Areata typically manifest in multiple circular bald patches around the scalp. Alopecia Areata affects both men and women. Click here for more information.

Are your edges receding?

Traction Alopecia is a form of Alopecia which is one of the main causes of hair loss for women. The constant pulling and tugging on the hair due to various hair styling techniques causes a mechanical loosening of the hairs from the hair follicle. Click here for recommendations and treatment.