Why It's Important to Condition Your Hair


Has your hair been feeling rough, brittle? Is your hair prone to tangle and snap at the ends? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to use a conditioner. Conditioning your hair after shampooing can make hair softer, smoother and less prone to breakage and tangling because a good conditioner flattens hair cuticles.

Hair cuticles protect the hair shaft. Hair cuticles are similar to fish scales, only they coat your hair strands. The purpose of cuticles is to protect hair strands and seal in the moisture. Because afro hair is curly, this causes the cuticles to be slightly raised to accommodate the curves. This is why afro hair can feel coarse and dry, because the raised hair cuticles doesn't allow for a smooth structure and also allows moisture from the hair strands to escape (which makes the hair fee dry). Cuticles typically lay flat for straight hair textures because they do not have to adapt to a curl.

Shampooing, colouring or relaxing your hair can cause hair cuticles to rise. For people with afro hair types, shampoing, relaxing or colouring your hair can cause hair cuticles that are already slightly raised to rise even more. Whilst shampooing your hair, the cuticle, which are the outer layers of the hair strands are rubbed together, which causes the cuticles raise. When you relax or colour your hair the cuticles rise to allow the colour of relaxer to penetrate the hair shaft. Raised cuticles makes hair strands feel rough, look dull in appearance and more likely to tangle or snap. See diagram of cuticle below. 

So how does conditioning our hair make it softer, smoother and less prone to breakage and tangling? Well, a GOOD conditioner (emphasis on GOOD), smooths and flattens the hair cuticles. A smooth cuticle is healthier, shinier, thicker in appearance and has more elasticity. Conditioner also balances the pH levels in your hair as well as sealing hair moisture.

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