How Can I Increase Hair Density?

How Can I Increase Hair Density?


Hair density is determined by the amount of hair follicles you have on your scalp. The more hair follicles you have per inch of your scalp, the higher the level of hair density.

high to low hair density

Genetics determine hair density, so not much can be done to increase hair density because you cannot increase the amount of hair follicles you have on your scalp. However, you can prevent a decrease in hair density. Hair loss is the primary cause of reduced hair density. If you are suffering from excessive hair loss a reduction in hair density will follow, making the scalp more visible. Treatment to reactivate dormant hair follicles and preventative measures to prevent hair follicles becoming traumatised. When a follicle and scalp become traumatised the cease hair production, treatment can be undertaken to restore hair density back to its normal levels, all of which will be addressed in this blog.

Abnormal Hair Loss Reduces Hair Density

It is natural to lose between 100 and 150 strands of hair per day as part of the hair growth cycle. There are three stages of the hair growth cycle. The first stage of the hair growth cycle is the Anagen, the growth stage. The second stage is Catagen, whereby the hair follicle begins to transition, ready for fall. The final stage is Telogen, when hair falls, allowing for a much-needed rest before hair production recommences with the Anagen stage.

hair growth cycle

Hair fall is necessary for hair to remain healthy. However, when hair fall exceeds the healthy daily amount of between 100 to 150 strands of hair per day, this can be categorized as unhealthy hair loss which ultimately results in a reduction in hair density.

Trauma is unusually the underlying cause of abnormal hair loss. Whether the trauma is caused by emotional stress, or styling practices which put undue pressure on the hair follicle causing it to become traumatised and enter the Telogen (hair loss) stage prematurely. Once a hair follicle enters the Telogen stage prematurely, it tends to take a rest beyond the average 3 months. This rest can be extended and prolonged until the hair loss condition is treated, and the hair follicle reactivated.

What Causes a Reduction in Hair Density?

Loss of hair density is primarily caused by abnormal hair loss. Abnormal hair loss can be triggered by the following:

  • Stress

stress can cause hair loss

Stress can cause hair loss because it has a reductive impact on the circulation of blood around the scalp. Hair grows when blood circulates around the scalp and passes essential nutrients to the hair bulb, so, when the flow of blood is disrupted, it has an impact on hair growth. Hair loss conditions such as Areata Alopecia (click here to learn more about Areata Alopecia) and Telogen Effluvium (click here to learn more about Telogen Effluvium) can all be triggered by stress.

  • Diet

healthy diet can help to maintain normal hair density

Your diet will affect the extent to which your hair density is maintained. The nutrients found in the blood, particularly protein, are transferred to the hair bulb, resulting in the formation of hair cells. Nutrients form the basis of hair creation. So, a poor, un- nutritious diet that is low in protein, will affect the amount of nutrients in the blood, thereby influencing hair density negatively. Learn about more ways to avoid hair loss by clicking here.

  • Exercise

exercise can assist in maintaining hair density

Jogging – Cardio is a great way to get blood to circulate around your entire body, including your scalp. Increasing the circulation of blood flow around your scalp promotes hair growth, preventing hair loss. Also, vigorous exercise like jogging can make you sweat, assisting to flush out toxins in your scalp that can cause hair loss.

Neck Exercise – Stretching neck muscles by moving your head up and down and side to side can help to release tension and stress trapped in the neck and surrounding muscles which can obstruct the constant flow of blood to the scalp, which has a hindering effect on hair growth.

Breathing Exercise – Doing breathing exercises can prevent hair loss because it increases the amount of oxygen in circulation in your body which in turn improves the level of oxygen in blood. Oxygen is a vital component for hair formation because it is passed to the hair bulb via blood flow.

  • Styling Practices

Hair styling techniques such as tight ponytails, locs, cornrows, braids and weaves can cause a mechanical loosening of the hair follicle form the hair bulb causing hair loss, and a loss in hair density, known as Traction Alopecia. A thinning or receding hair line after styling your hair in a tight way is typically symptomatic of Traction Alopecia. Click here to learn more.

Chemical treatments such as hair dye or relaxer. The process of changing your hair colour, involves altering the structure of the hair shaft. Hair cuticles, act as a collective shield and moisture sealant, lay on the outside of the hair shaft, must be raised to allow for the chemicals in the hair dye to penetrate the cortex. Raised cuticles exposes cortex, making it vulnerable to damage and consequently hair breakage and hair loss and a reduction in hair density.

Chemically straightening hair involves changing hair shape, the glue-like hair bonds which hold protein cells together, maintaining hair shape and structure must be broken. When hair bonds are broken or weakened hair becomes damages, weak and vulnerable to breaking and shedding, click here to lean more.

Weaves and glued hair extensions can also cause scalp trauma which in turn causes hair loss, click here to lean more.

  • Hormone Imbalances

Hormone imbalances cause hair loss and a reduction in hair density because it causes an over or underproduction of a chemical with disrupts the creation and existence of hair. Hormone imbalances which can be hereditary or caused by stress, menopause or child birth can cause hair loss conditions such as Female Pattern Baldness and Male Pattern Baldness, Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium or postpartum hair loss

Treatment for Reactivating Dormant Hair Follicles and Increasing Hair Density

If you are suffering from diminishing hair density the most common cause is hair loss. To restore hair density to pre hair loss levels, hair follicles must be reactivated to achieve hair regrowth. ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion is a three-month treatment pack that works in tandem with the science of your hair’s growth cycle. ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion reactivates dormant hair follicles. ProTress also increases the rate at which blood flows around the scalp and passes nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulb (Microcirculation), which restores hair growth and stops excessive hair loss. The patented formula, which contains Si Matrix PF, has all the nutrients which your hair needs to grow, making hair thicker and stronger.

Hair density restored with ProTress

 central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia


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