Male Pattern Baldness

male pattern baldness


Loosing your hair and hair thinning sucks because it’s a reminder that you’re getting older. Unfortunately, over 50% of men over the age of 50 will be affected by a form of hair loss known as Male Pattern Baldness which causes hair thinning and hair loss. However, the seeming inevitability of hair thinning and hair loss can be avoided if treatment is employed as soon as possible, preventing further hair loss. When you start to loose your hair, a sinking feeling of inevitability and hopelessness occurs, swiftly followed by denial as you try to style your hair to camouflage the hair loss and hope that the shedding will slow down but the hair thinning and shedding won't stop unless you seek treatment. ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion thickens thinning hair, stops the rapid hair shedding and preserves the hair you have left.


Male Pattern Baldness, also known as Androgenetic (genetic) Alopecia which causes hair to thin and usually forms a pattern of hair loss that is circular on the top of the head. Male Pattern Baldness can also be identified through a thinning and receding hair line that starts at the temples, gradually working its way backwards to form a distinctive ‘M’ shape.

Male Pattern Baldness happens when hair follicles become minimised to the point of extinction because of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is an unfortunate by product of testosterone.

DHT causes minimisation of hair follicles, causing hair to be thinner, shorter and fragile and more prone to breakage

DHT causes the reduction of hair follicles, making hair thin, fragile and more prone to fall, resulting in balding. DHT also shortens the growth (anagen) stage of the hair growth cycle, which means that hair lost is not quickly replaced. To learn more about your hair growth cycle, click here.

To prevent the spread of Male Pattern Baldness, hair loss must be reduced and hair growth reactivated, which can be achieved with ProTress. ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Lotion contains the patented Si MATRIX PF which helps to re-establish the peripheral micro circulation (blood flow around the scalp), as well as increasing the supply of oxygen to and nutrients to the hair bulb which stimulates hair growth and revitalises hair follicles, helping to reactivate the Anagen phase. ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Lotion also contains revolutionary treatment for connective tissue recovery, making hair thicker, stronger and less prone to break or shed, thereby reducing hair loss.

ProTress energising lotion revitalises hair follicles stimulating hair growth

If you recognise Male Pattern Baldness and have dry, thinning or brittle hair, then the hair products you are using and the hair care regimes you are following are not working for you, so why not try ProTress. ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo contains natural extracts of Nettle, an ancient remedy for preventing balding. Nettle is rich in protein, carotene and vitamins A, B and C which has a nourishing and stimulating effect on the scalp, which assists in improving the blood circulation required to facilitate hair growth. To find out more about how ProTress works, click here. To read our reviews, click here. To read what the press say, click here.

ProTres Essential Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Lotion helps to preserve the hair that you have left and reduce ongoing hair loss and shedding. Preserve the hair you have and stop Male Pattern Baldness from spreading and buy the ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Lotion today.


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