How to Avoid Hair Loss

how to avoid hair loss

Hair loss is something that we would prefer to never experience or avoid altogether. Unfortunately, 50% of men and women will experience some form of hair loss during their lifetime. So, instead of waiting, for what seems to be inevitable hair loss, why not get ahead of it and take steps to avoid hair loss.

Avoiding Hair Loss – It All Begins with Blood

Blood is the life source of your body. Blood facilitates the reproduction and growth of various bodily functions. Blood flow to the scalp is an essential part of hair growth. If the circulation of blood to the scalp slows, or is reduced, hair loss and thinning can occur. Simply put, if you want to avoid hair loss or hair thinning you must ensure that blood flow around the scalp is frequent.

Why Blood Flow Is Essential for Preventing Hair Loss and Facilitating Hair Growth

Hair is formed when blood circulates around the scalp and passes vital nutrients (predominantly protein) and oxygen to the hair bulb. A reduction in the flow of blood around the scalp can cause the hair follicles to become starved of essential nutrients and oxygen which can result in hair follicles becoming smaller in size. This can become a vicious cycle, because when hair follicles reduce in size, they require less blood flow for sustenance and reproduction, so hair follicles can continue to shrink as blood flow slows down.  Miniaturised hair follicles produce thin hair which is more prone to hair loss or hair breakage. Also, slow circulation of blood around the scalp means less nutrients and oxygen is transferred to the hair bulb which reduces the rate of hair formation, slowing hair growth. 

how to avoid hair loss


10 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

  • Exercise
    1. Jogging – Cardio is a great way to get blood to circulate around your entire body. Increasing the circulation of blood flow around your scalp promotes hair growth, preventing hair loss. Also, vigorous exercise like jogging can make you sweat, assisting to flush out toxins in your scalp that can cause hair loss. 
    2. Neck Exercise – Stretching neck muscles by moving your head up and down and side to side can help to release tension and stress trapped in the neck and surrounding muscles which can obstruct the constant flow of blood to the scalp.
    3. Breathing Exercise – Doing breathing exercises can prevent hair loss because it increases the amount of oxygen in circulation in your body which in turn improves the level of oxygen in blood. Oxygen is a vital component for hair formation because it is passed to the hair bulb via blood flow.
  • Scalp Massage

A thorough and gentle scalp massage helps to stimulate the flow of blood around the scalp, which is an essential function to avoiding hair loss and facilitating hair growth because blood passes vital nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulb to create hair.

  • Regular Trims

Trimming your hair every few months helps to keep split ends and damaged hair at bay. Split ends can result in hair loss, so cutting them off helps to avoid hair loss. Also, if the ends of your hair are snapping off, it is an indication of damaged hair, so in order to prevent any further damage or hair loss, it is advisable to trim off the damaged ends.

  • Regular Conditions

Hair cuticles become raised after hair has been shampooed, dyed or relaxed. Raised cuticles can cause hair to become tangled or snapped. A good conditioner flattens hair cuticles, making hair smooth so that the threat of hair loss is avoided. Click here to find out why conditioning your afro hair is a vital part to maintaining hair health.

  • Avoiding Tightly Styled Hair

If hair is styled in a way that puts excessive and repetitive pressure on the scalp, overtime it can result in a hair loss condition called ‘Traction Alopecia’. If you want to avoid hair loss it is best to avoid styling your hair tightly (i.e tight ponytails, extensions, braids and dreadlocks) over a period of time. Click here to find out more about this hair loss condition and treatment that can restore hair growth.

  • Try to Keep Stress to a Minimum

Your body reacts to stress by becoming tense. When your body is tense, your scalp tightens and blood capillaries contract which reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are vital to hair growth and health. Regular exercise helps to keep stress levels down whilst aiding hair growth.

  • Healthy High Protein Diet

Your hair is keratin, which is basically protein cells, so try to keep a high protein diet to ensure that the blood in your body has enough protein to produce hair.

  • Avoid Regular Application of Heat

Ironing, blow drying or straightening your hair using a high heat device can cause heat damage. When heat damage occurs, your hair loses its elasticity which increases to possibility of hair loss.

  • Keep Hair Hydrated

Hair is made of dead matter, just like a plant or tree, so it requires water to grow and thrive. If hair is not hydrated it can become dry and subject to hair loss. Weekly shampoos can keep hair hydrated and thick, keeping hair loss at bay, click here to learn more.

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How to avoid hair loss

how to avoid hair loss


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