Why Wearing A Protective Wig Keeps Hair Healthy and Improves Growth

Why Wearing a  Protective Wig  Keeps Hair  Healthy and Improves Growth


Wearing protective wigs is becoming increasingly popular in the black community, especially amongst those making the transition from relaxed to natural hair. No longer is wearing a wig something to be ashamed of, instead, it is a practical move that enables women to wear the style of their choice without damaging their hair. Even Oprah is a fan!

Afro hair types are fragile and prone to breakage if relaxed, dyed, repetitively straightened with irons or pulled in a tight style or weave. This is why wearing a wig makes so much sense!

Wearing a Wig Offers Change in An Instant Without Damaging Your Hair

Fed up with your usual hair style and want a change? Well the great thing about a wig is that you can experiment and change styles frequently without long term consequences. For example, if you want a shorter hair cut – you can buy a short wig and not have to cut your own hair. Fancy a different hair colour? By a wig in the colour of your choice without a drop of dye touching your hair.

When You Wear A Wig You Can Really Look After Your Real Hair

Wearing a wig allows you to care for your natural hair really easily, without daily pulling and tugging through styling. For example, you can wash your hair frequently, because unlike weaves and braids which restricts hair washing, when you wear a wig all you have to do is take it off to wash your hair. Wearing a wig also allows you to condition and moisture your hair whenever you feel this needs to be done, without having to undo weaves or braids.

Get the Right Wig

Some wigs can cause hair breakage but these are NOT protective wigs. Protective wigs are meant to offer style AND protect your hair. Wigs that have combs at the front and back can break your hair, particularly the edges, so here’s a tip – cut the combs out. Also, to prevent your edges falling out (Traction Alopecia), avoid gluing the wig nets to your hair line.

Wigs Assist Hair Growth

Whilst wearing a wig, your hair is given a break from daily styling, weekly straightening, monthly dying and relaxing, which have the potential to damage your hair and cause hair loss or breakage. Wearing a protective wig allows you to avoid applying styling techniques/treatments that can trigger hair loss and cause damage to your hair, which enables your hair to have uninterrupted growth, making hair longer whilst maintaining its health.

If you are suffering from hair loss or hair breakage, wearing a protective wig works really well alongside the ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion, because you can administer the treatment unhindered by weaves or braids. This allows the treatment to work to maximum effect so that you can get the best results; stopping hair loss, restoring hair growth, making hair thicker and stronger. Click here to learn more about ProTress and how it works. Click here to read the reviews.

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