What Is Traction Alopecia and Can It Be Treated?

what is traction alopecia and how can it be treated?

What Is Traction Alopecia and Can It Be Treated?

So, you’ve been wearing your hair in a tight ponytail for a long time, it really suits you and its super quick style to do in the morning but you’ve noticed that your hair line is beginning to recede. You brush it under the carpet and keep wearing your hair in a tight ponytail and your hair line gets worse. Or you've been wearing dreadlocks and you've noticed the locs are becoming thinner, the locs are falling out and bald patches have started to show. Perhaps you have been wearing tight cornrows and your hair has begun to thin. Maybe you’ve been wearing a tight weave or wig and your noticing your hair is getting thinning and bald patches are beginning to show. If any of these scenario’s sound familiar to you then you are suffering from Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia affects men and women and if you want to get treatment for Traction Alopecia and restore hair growth, click here. If you require more information about Traction Alopecia; what is, why you're got it and how to treat it, keep reading :)

What is Traction Alopecia?

Traction Alopecia is a form of hair loss that is gradual and caused because of constant pulling of hair strands or excessive pressure applied to scalp and hair. The constant and repetitive pulling of the hair puts a strain on the hair follicle, making hair fragile and prone to breakage. The strain on the hair follicle can become so intense that it can cause the hair follicle to separate from the hair bulb entirely, causing hair loss, as well as causing inflammation around the hair bulb and scalp.

hair follicle separating from hair bulb due to strain causing hair loss and breakage

Hair Styles That Cause Traction Alopecia

Hair styles that cause Traction Alopecia are:

  • Tight ponytails
  • Braids
  • Dreadlocks
  • Weaves
  • Tight Wigs
  • Hair Extensions
  • Cornrows

To stop Traction Alopecia from spreading, avoid the hairstyles that caused it. Once you stop putting pressure on your hair, the hair loss will stop but that doesn’t mean that your hair will automatically grow back. It is likely that you will require treatment to restore hair growth.

Can Traction Alopecia Be Treated?

Traction Alopecia can be effectively treated with ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion. This 3 month treatment pack will restore hair growth by revitalising your hair follicles and increasing the rate at which blood flows around the scalp and passes nutrients to the hair bulb (Microcirculation), which restores hair growth and stops excessive hair loss. The patented formula, which contains Si Matrix PF, contains all the nutrients which your hair needs to grow, making hair thicker and stronger.

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