Hairstyles Worn by The Rich and Famous That Cause Hair Loss

Hairstyles Worn  by the Rich and  Famous That Cause Hair Loss


As you scroll through Instagram or magazines, you experience flashes of hair envy as you’re inundated with pictures of influencers and the rich and famous, with their glowing, luscious, thick hair. But all is not what it seems because the hair you are coveting in the photographs has been enhanced by weaves or hair extensions. Obtaining thicker, longer hair though the application of weaves or hair extensions is common place, making it a lot easier to replicate hairstyles seen on the TV, in magazines or on social media. But, behind the glossy photos of thick luscious hair, lay a conundrum, wherein the means used to obtain the long thick hair (hair extensions) can cause you to lose your hair.

Wearing weaves or hair extensions can cause a vicious cycle of weave/extension dependency and hair loss; the more frequently you wear hair extensions/weaves, the more likely you are to experience hair loss. It’s likely that you will want to disguise the hair loss with more hair extensions, and so it continues as hair loss spreads around the scalp.

What Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

There are four different techniques used to administer hair extensions, which are Micro Link/Micro Bead/Loop Hair Extensions, Weave Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions and Pre-Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions. All of these techniques have the potential to cause the wearer hair loss.

Micro Link/Micro Bead/Loop Hair Extensions

Micro Link/Micro Bead/Loop Hair Extensions is a technique whereby the hair extensions are looped though the natural hair and clamped down by a pair of pliers and metal beads which are heated to hold in place.  This type of hair extension can cause hair breakage and hair loss through heat damage and or Traction Alopecia.  Micro Link/Micro Bead/Loop Hair Extensions can cause heat damage to hair when heat is applied to the metal beads. When hair becomes heat damaged it is prone to break or snap off because hair becomes thin, weak and fragile. Secondly the drag caused by the metal beads can cause hair thinning and put strain and discomfort on the scalp and hair root, triggering Traction Alopecia. Traction Alopecia is caused by repetitive pulling or tension applied to the hair and scalp through hair styling.

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave hair extensions is a technique which is prevalent amongst  people with Afro hair types where the hair is corn rowed and wefts of weave are sewn into the corn rows. Weave Hair Extension can trigger hair loss if the cornrows are braided too tightly or the sewn in weave is too tight and the amount of hair that is added becomes too heavy, putting stress and strain on the hair and scalp, causing hair thinning and hair loss.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions are semi permanent and last between 6 to 12 weeks. The extensions are applied by being sandwiched on either side of your hair. This technique can pull on hair strands causing hair thinning. As hair becomes thinner, it is more prone to breakage.

tape hair extensions

Pre-Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions

Pre-Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions are applied by bonding the extension to natural hair with glue. The inclusion of glue during the bonding process causes the strands of natural hair to become stuck together, damaging hair follicles, making hair thin and weak. The glue can also potentially block the follicular entrances on the scalp, preventing hair growth whilst causing sustained hair loss. The bond also puts weight on the natural hair and scalp, which can cause root damage and Traction Alopecia.

What to Do If You Have Hair Extensions and Are Suffering from Hair Loss?

If you have hair extensions and are suffering from hair loss, take preventative action as soon as possible to prevent permanent hair loss. So, what does preventative action look like?

Stop wearing hair extensions. If you believe that hair extensions have triggered hair loss and thinning then give your hair a break a break and seek treatment like ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Lotion that will restore hair growth whilst making hair thicker and stronger. If you continue to use hair extensions whilst suffering from hair loss, you could make the hair loss condition worse which can potentially lead to permanent hair loss.

ProTress effectively treats hair loss with a proven track record of reactivating hair loss.

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