Why is Afro Textured Hair Curly

why is afro textured hair curly?

Afro textured hair is distinct and unique to people of African descent. Afro textured hair is distinctively different in terms of coils and texture from the hair types of other ethnicities, why is this so?

Why is Afro Textured Hair Curly

Afro textured hair begins its inception when clusters of protein cells (keratin) gather and form bonds within the derma papilla asymmetrically. The other cells in the inner sheath start to form more rigid protein bonds around the asymmetric shape formed in the derma papilla. 

protein cells bond asymmetrically in the derma papilla which produces curly and kicky hair

This results in the formation of an oval shaped hair follicle, which facilitates the curl and kink of hair as it grows, as demonstrated in the diagram below. This contrasts with straight hair, whose protein cells bond in a symmetrical way, forming a circular hair follicle which allows hair to maintain a straight form as it grows.

different shape of hair follicles

Different Curl Patterns

The presence of an amino acid called cysteine also contributes to coil and curl of your hair. Afro textured hair types typically have a high concentration of cysteine which form strong bonds with each other, creating tension which causes hair to bend and curl. Acute curls are the product of dense quantities of cysteine. Hair which has loose curls or is straight, typically contains lower and less compact amounts of cysteine. Please see diagram below to identify your curl pattern.

different curl patterns

How Thick is Afro Textured Hair?

The oval shaped circumference of afro textured hair follicle causes it to be fine, which means it must be cared for and styled gently. However, the curl and kink of afro textured hair gives the illusion that it is dense and thick which causes it to be mishandled with intense pulling and tugging which often results in hair breakage.

Kinky and Curly Hair is More Vulnerable to Hair Breakage

Kinky or curly hair which have tight curl patterns are more vulnerable to breakage than hair with looser curls. This is because at every point there is sharp bend or curl along the hair shaft there is an element of stress and strain in that area, creating a weakened spot which is vulnerable to hair breakage. Frequent breakage and snapping at the point of acute curvature along the hair shaft means it may take longer to achieve substantial length with afro textured hair.

How to Stop Afro Textured Hair from Breaking and Snapping

Shampooing afro textured hair at least once a week will cleanse your hair and scalp, creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow as well as providing your hair with essential hydration, click here to learn more. Conditioning your hair will assist in flattening hair cuticles along the hair shaft, which will strengthen the protective layer of your hair, making hair stronger and more resistant to breakage.


A good leave in conditioner, will help to loosen curls, softening the bends and coils of afro textured hair which makes it prone to breaking and snapping.

Effective Treatment for Afro Textured Hair Loss 

If your afro textured hair is breaking or shedding excessively you might require treatment to prevent further damage to your hair and restore hair growth.  ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion effectively  treats afro textured hair loss, halting the progression of hair loss and breakage, improving hair growth whilst strengthening weak and damaged hair. Our unique formula contains the patented Si MATRIX PF which will re-balance and reactivate the scalp and improve micro circulation to stimulate hair growth. ProTress is enriched with natural extracts of Rosemary, Nettle and Passion Flower. Rosemary, Nettle and Passion Flower have a cleansing effect on the scalp, preventing hair loss whilst encouraging hair growth, making hair thicker and stronger. Click here to learn more about ProTress Essential Scalp Therapy Energising Shampoo and Lotion and click here for reviews.

Successful Hair Regrowth with ProTress

hair growth restored after hair breakage

hair growth restored after hair breakage
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